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Nowadays, the network has become an essential tool with its availability all over the earth. It comes with several activities and assets which are crucial for daily life. Besides, this is used for sharing and accessing information with a lot of computers. 

However, also in the Philippines, many people also need help granting the internet. That’s why we come with Piso Vending Device for speedy internet at a low cost. And the Piso wifi is known for its accurate internet wifi usability. With this blog, you can see the discussion about the Piso wifi entrance, from the login function to its utility.

Let’s dive in– Piso Entrance With A Brief Look

Wifi NamePisonet or Piso Wifi 
IP Address10.0.0.1
Country for useUSA, Philippines
Launched on2011
Piso Wifi Vending machine2017
accessibility(For Raspberry model B Pi 3 along Adopisowifi Picture) Google PlayStore 

Overview Of Wifi?

The Piso wifi entrance is a network process that offers customers entry to the internet by buying a coupon from Piso with a seller. It is an IP address which is private and used with routers. You can access the router’s web surface configuration sheet here and change settings like password, name, etc.

In addition, with this wifi, you can get an internet connection without Wireless. Therefore, this is an excellent option to establish a private or personal internet for your house or office with endless browsing in securely.

Does Have Any Importance?

This wifi portal will offer entrance to your router with a similar IP address. Also, you can set access from the settings of routers, and you can change this address on many routers. Moreover, you can purchase Ethernet cables from electronic shops. 

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History Of Wifi

In the past, this wifi was familiar with a Pisonet and became famous with that name. This is a vintage arcade-genre internet cafe that operates as a different cabin and receives Peso fees. 

In 2011, these cabins were modified with an internet connection, requiring one Peso per connection. Specifically, it is named after with Philippine official currency Peso. And in the Philippines, many citizens also use Piso wifi also, which is the best substantial communication network around the world. The cause for its well-known can be its low-cost service. Wifi: Advantages

Let’s see some of the benefits of using the Piso network in the section below–

  • The Piso wifi website allows for easy modification of wifi network configurations at any time.
  • Piso Internet bills can be paid online for convenience.
  • Coupons can be exchanged for reward points.
  • Support is available for clients who need assistance.
  • Hotspot activities can be offered by venue owners to grow revenue and attract more customers.
  • Advertisements for many works or products can be displayed on the sign-in page by venue owners to generate cash.
  • Travelers can use the network without paying  SIM card payments or high data roaming.
  • Visitors can access any WiFi-authorized tools to analyze email, join the office network through a VPN, and surf the web.
  • Passwords are needed to put in routers, preventing illegal customers from altering settings and compromising security. 
  • Piso wifi does not have wifi squatters due to the absence of a required username and password.

How To Set Up Gadgets Using Piso Wifi?

Setting up your Piso wifi network is a breeze with these simple instructions:

  • Make sure your wifi device is on and plugged into the nearest power outlet.
  • Look for the SSID (wireless network name) and password behind the label of the Piso wifi device.
  • Access the wifi position on the machine to locate the SSID.
  • Select the SSID and enter the password.
  • Once connected with a browser, steer to to configure your wifi connection.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the setup process.
  • That’s it! All your gadgets should now join a Piso wifi.

Ado Piso Wlan Entrance Sign-In Necessity

  • Access the Piso wifi sign-in by typing in the web address into your internet browser.
  • You will need a sustainable ID and password to access the ADO Piso wifi router.
  • Ensure your internet browser is suitable along the official PISO wifi website.
  • You’ll need a stable internet attachment on a PC, laptop,  tablet, or smartphone to access the login.

Registration For A Piso Admin Account

  • To establish an administrative account, access the official login page of the Piso and select the “Register” option. 
  • Proceed to complete the registration form before submitting it. 
  • After submitting, check your email for a message containing your account information and a registration link for the router sign-in account. Wifi Pulse Login Information

Get access to the Piso login page by following these easy instructions–

  • If your browser redirects you to the homepage, modify the default gateway address in the browser’s address bar. With the use of the network to navigate to the Ado Login website.
  • Open your web browser and select the “Login” option in the page’s upper right-hand corner.
  • Enter your Piso wifi entrance ID and Password.
  • To sign in to the Wifi admin sign-in account, utilize the “Sign In” feature.

Directions For Setting Up The Piso–

The Piso wifi is known for its easy setup process, which requires only two things: an internet connection and a router. To get started with setting up this wifi, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Link the internet with the router.

Step 2: By typing “” into your browser’s address box, you can use the web-build interface for the router.

Step 3: When prompted, enter your username with password, typically found behind your router.

Step 4: Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the “Wireless” or “Wifi” section of your router’s interface.

Step 5: Double-check that you’ve put all the essential information.

Step 6: Tap the “Save” button to keep your changes.

After following these steps, you can use this wifi to connect to the network and start using your Piso wifi.

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Consumers Support System 

To obtain assistance from Piso wifi Service, you can utilize the support feature located on the authorized website for the Piso wifi Portal using the IP address A mobile number and active email id are necessary to make contact. The customer service representative will request your login details for the router and some particular information. 

Besides, this system is exclusively available to specific who have to buy wifi Coupons. If you require further information, contact the website administrator either by mail at [emailprotected] or by going to the official wifi Portal at Wifi  Ado.

Username And Password For Wifi Pause And Reset Time

Are you currently unable to recall the passcode for the router’s IP address of If you intend to modify your password, follow this guide. 

  1. To gain entry to Piso, follow the given link and select the “Forgot password” option. 
  2. On the next page, you’ll need to supply your identification and additional data to confirm your account before gaining access to the router’s admin panel. 
  3. After completing the required fields, click the “Submit” button beneath the page. 
  4. The service will dispatch an email containing relevant details about your ID and a reset link for the passcode.

How Can I Stop Or Suspend Piso Wlan?

In case you feel the want to get a break from using the network or face difficulties, join the Piso wifi network at You can easily deactivate it by following this guideline:

  • First, ensure the router is connected to the network when proceeding.
  • Secondly, access the router’s interface by typing “” with certainty.
  • Thirdly, navigate to the wifi or Wireless section.
  • Finally, activate the “WLAN Pause” or “Piso wifi Pause” function by finding and clicking on it.

How To Set The Speed Limit Of The Wifi?

Choose the Speed Limiter option in the menu’s Network section. In order to regulate download and upload speeds, two options are available to you. Universal and individual speed limiters are set as the default. And the made-in port prioritization is automated by default. But you can alter UDP/TCP settings for different jobs, adjusting the priority level from High level to Low. Finally, remember to tap Save Changes to ensure your preferences are saved.


The Piso wifi dispenser found in the county of the Philippines enables individuals to access the internet by inserting funds through the machine. Which grants a specific duration of online usage. This gadget is particularly beneficial for those who cannot manage the cost of the internet as it provides a cost-effective solution. And the device is customizable, allowing for adjustments to WAN and LAN, password, and username.

Additionally, Piso is an exceptional time-management tool that facilitates internet connectivity and is accessible via a Comcast ID. With this wifi, you can effectively control your family’s online activities by implementing parental management and remotely modifying settings. 

We hope this information is useful to you, and if you want to read further, please click here to access our blog.

Thank you.