November 29, 2023
buildots 30m series

Are you confused about choosing which construction site is best? When you search it on the internet you definitely get a bunch of sites & it makes you more confused, right? Don’t worry, we are here to help you! 

When all the construction sites are making you confused then you can just go for Buildots. This is the right site that you are looking for. Now, you are wondering about Buildots, right? What is Buildots & how does it work? Read this article thoroughly, it will clear out all your confused thoughts. 

Details About Buildots: 

Buildots is a startup business & it uses distributed ledger technology. But what is distributed ledger technology? It is a digital organization that records the deals of assets & it records deals in several places at a time. 

However, with the help of Buildots you can prevent or limit accidents & which helps to save the workers. The amazing fact is this organization has raised a million dollars in seed funding!

You will be very pleased after hearing the fact that Buildots has a mobile app system too. With the help of its mobile app, it can easily survey construction sites. Moreover, they can look over the prospective problems swiftly & proficiently. Then this app supplies a report to the appropriate association & it helps to manufacture the required changes as well as corrections. 

The good news is this funding raised 60 million dollars. Amazon & Google continuously invest in democratic vehicles & the construction will be one more product that profits appreciably from drone technology. 

If you are choosing Buildots then you should know how it works. 

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How Do Buildots Work? 

Before discussing how Buildots works, first, you should know that Buildots works with large companies along with small companies. So, if your company is not that big you don’t have to be worried because Buildots provides their services to small companies too. 

However, it basically joins the construction workers with construction sites so that it can upgrade productivity along with security. Moreover, their panel group was formed on the construction sites so that workers can see what they are working on. It helps workers to make a better choice of where to work. Also, that’s how workers can keep themselves away from injuries. 

Which Companies Are Working With Buildots As Investors? 

 Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, and Y Combinator are working with Buildots as investors. From these investors, the company has taken up millions of dollars in funding & the company plans to use the money to enlarge its performance & recruit more workers for the company. 

Now, it’s obvious that you are thinking that if you use the Buildots app how it will benefit you? 

The Buildots app originated to assist construction sites more proficiently & it associates the workers with their important tools. So, it makes their job easier & faster. With the help of this app, managers can keep an eye on where the workers are & also what the workers are doing! Isn’t it an amazing fact?! 

Moreover, you can download & use the app free of cost. Though it’s a free app, the advantages are huge.  

The benefits are: 

  • This app helps workers to find their important tools without any effort & quickly. So, workers don’t need to waste a lot of time searching for their tools.
  •  With the help of Buildots app workers can work faster than usual. 
  • With the help of Buildots app managers can see the workers so that if any problems arise they can fix the issues.
  • Also, it is more convenient to maintain safety rules.
  • As the managers can see what the workers are doing & where they are so the manager can easily ensure that every worker is safe in the project place. 
  • Moreover, the management team can keep track of what is happening in the project place so the workers & managers can relax and do their work. 

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How Much Have Buildots Raised Till Now? 

With the help of artificial intelligence, Buildots detects construction sites & it has raised 1 million dollars in Series A funding. But do you know who led the funding? Canaan Partners and contributions of existing investors including Andreessen Horowitz and SV Angel led the Series A funding. 

The aim of Buildots is to help construction companies so that companies save their money as well as their time in an on-site survey which is automated with AI technology. 

The best part is companies don’t need human input because, with the help of machine research, companies can easily point out the problems on-site. 

Since its establishment in 2016, across North America, Buildots has established its platform in over 150 construction sites. Buildots want to support its team & its product subscription. 


Buildots, the company provides live streaming of construction sites not only in particular areas but also across the world & it has raised 30 million dollars. Menlo Ventures with the involvement of existing investors Sequoia Capital, Dolby Family Ventures, Andres Santander, and others led the round. Besides, this capital will be used to extend the team of the company & enlarge the company into new markets places for example South Korea & India.