November 29, 2023
indian scout

This new Indian Scout Bobber with Radical Radius exhaust from Freedom Performance has a stunning appearance, and is designed with performance in mind. It features one piece 2 1/2″ (64mm) outer diameter 16 gauge heavy duty heat shields and triple stepped headers to maximize horsepower and torque while also giving you an aggressive deep growl when the engine is running hard.

Product Description

If you’re looking for a good looking and well-built exhaust system that will increase the power of your Indian Scout, the Indian Scout Bobber with Radical Radius from Freedom Performance is a great option. The curved slip-ons are low-key and work well with the rest of the bike’s look, while the angled billet aluminum end caps add some extra style.

The pipes are free-flowing and boost power and a crisp, bass-heavy sound that will keep your Scout on the edge of your seat. They also have a lot of finish options, so you can get a custom look for your bike.

These exhausts feature a 3 step header system that will maximize horsepower and torque, along with one piece, full-length heat shields to prevent chipping and rust. They also have large 2-1/2in. (16-gauge) heavy duty 220 degree blue-proof shields. They come complete with stainless steel hardware and brackets. The pipes are a couple dBs louder than stock.

Product Details

This high-performance, high-flying 2 into 2 exhaust system from Freedom Performance will be sure to impress. It’s got the goods – a high-quality, angular design with a high-flowing aluminum header and one piece flanges to boot. The system also comes with the most important part, a nifty little y-pipe. This one-piece design was engineered to improve your braking and handling, while the high-tech Y-pipe delivers an impressively low rpm range with crisp throttle response. The name of the game here is to keep your motorcycle running smooth for longer and with less effort than before, and a great looking new system will make that possible.

The best part is, the whole process was simple and painless. It took about an hour to install, and the results are impressive to say the very least. I would definitely recommend this if you are considering a high-performance upgrade for your Indian Scout. If you want to buy any product from here, Visit this website

Installation Instructions

Easily transform your Indian Scout Bobber into an eye-catching custom machine with the right parts. We have a full selection of aftermarket performance parts and accessories from some of the biggest names in motorcycles to turn your bike into the custom ride you’ve always wanted.

FP Radical Radius Crossover Exhaust is designed to be the ultimate power upgrade for your Scout. It features a triple stepped header system for optimal horsepower and torque. The curved mufflers slip over the headers and have low restriction, low noise baffles installed. The outer diameter is 2-1/8″ (54mm) and the mufflers have 2-hole mounting tunnels that provide a strong base for the exhaust.

The mufflers produce a rumbly, aggressive growl at idle that changes to a deeper and meaner sound when you twist the throttle. It’s a powerful sound that will bring out your Scout’s mean side. This exhaust is also significantly louder than stock. So get earplugs ready for the ride!

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The manufacturer of this glitzy gizmo is more than happy to stand behind their wares and offer a two year parts and labor warranty that runs the gamut. That includes components like batteries, battery cables and air and oil filters. Other tidbits include coolants, lighting systems, oxygen sensors and mufflers. Among other things, this swanky system features a patented curved header that helps boost your engine’s performance by about ten percent. The system also boasts one of the slickest muffler covers in the industry. A slew of stainless steel brackets and hardware rounds out the deal. This is a surefire way to enhance the look and feel of your Indian Scout. The manufacturer of this snazzy little beast deserves a congratulatory pat on the back for their unwavering support.