November 28, 2023
Stacy Wilson Bus Crime

Stacy Wilson was a 21-year-old woman who just left college and was employed as a desk clerk in a hospital. The main villain of this incident was Stacy’s relative named Samuel who was in love with her. Both of them were living on a small island called Caribbean Island.

The guy proposed to marry Stacy but as she just graduated and focused on her career, her mom denied Samuel’s proposal. At that time, Samuel warned Stacy’s mom that if Stacy won’t marry him, she will not be for anyone. 

But when did Stacy Wilson’s bus crime scene take place and what was the reason behind this incident? Let’s know the real reason behind this crime first then the whole overview. 

The Real Reason Behind This Incident

The murderer of Stacy Wilson was Sean Samuel, a 35 years guy who wanted to marry Stacy but won’t make it. He has proposed to her normally but due to the guy’s family reputation and body language, Stacy’s family has not accepted the guy’s proposal. 

Though there is no clear evidence it was said that Sean Samuel’s sister was being killed by her own family member. As it was a story from random people it may not be a trustworthy call. But from several different types of reports, it can be assumed that the family where Sean Samuel has grown was not a good one. 

However, after being rejected, Sean Samuel starts continuously disturbing and warning Stacy so many times. At a time everything becomes ok and Stacy continues to focus on her office desk job. In December 2006, the true crime took place and the brutality of the crime shocked the world overnight! 

Brief Explanation of Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene 

In the month of December 2006, Stacy Wilson was coming back to her home after a busy office hour at a hospital. When the bus was at the Kingston bus stop Samuel stepped up on the bus and sat behind Stacy. 

After a short moment, when the bus was in St. Vincent Samuel messed up with Stacy, and at that moment she got afraid and tried to escape from the bus. But the attempt failed as Samuel took her hand and cut her wrist off using a sharp blade called a machete. And drought it away on the road. 

It was a moment of shock, everyone inside the bus was frightened by seeing the blood and screaming of the girl from pain. But the next action from Samuel blew everyone’s mind. The mad guy used his machete and directly chopped it on Stacy’s neck and won’t give up until it separates. After that somehow the killer managed to escape but got coughed by the police very often. 

After the crime, the witness who was inside the bus was saying that Samuel was trying to be romantically involved with Stacy and when failed, he got angry and did the crime. And also, it was listed that Samuel kissed the ripped head before throwing it outside. But there were a lot of different talks that got viral and all of them were not the same. So, all talks from witnesses may not be true! 

How is the Investigation Taking Place and How Mystery Has Been Solved?

As there were so many witnesses to this murder, this case does not require that much investigation. The murder was get caught within a few moments and local police started their investigation so fast. 

When police reached the bus the head and right hand was missing from Stacy’s dead body and were found around 5-6 meters away from the body. The body was taken by the police and later sent to Stacy’s family for the final funeral. 

After that, the murderer sends to jail and during that police carry on their investigation. And when the easy investigation has been complete, the police found that the guy was inhuman and completely guilty of this murder. The reason behind that was rejection from being loved and that was not a mad reason for doing this crime. 

Additionally, it is also found that the guy was not from a reputed family and his family has several bad records. 

Does Stacy Wilson’s Family Get Justice? What Was the Aftermath? 

It was reported that Sean Samuel was sentenced to life imprisonment which was quite unexpected for this murder. But later it was explained that Samuel had mental health problems and that was the reason for not being sentenced to death. 

For this judgment, there ware a mixed reaction from the local people, some of them accepted this court’s decision and others thinks that the sentence should be the death penalty. 

Furthermore, no sentence to a murderer can bring the people we lost but for this brutal killing, most of the people including Stacy’s family were expecting a death sentence for the killer. 

So, the answer to the question remains between “Yes or Maybe”.

Final Words

Stacy Wilson’s murder was a black day for Saint Vincent, Caribbean Island as it was a peaceful densely populated Island with almost no major crime. The brutality of the incidents defames the island names and still, some people often fear visiting that country for the incidents. 

However, the incidents took place between a mentally sick guy who fell in love with Stacy and ended up killing her as he failed to commit. Otherwise, the island is a peaceful and safe destination for thousands of tourists. 

Note: Stacy Wilson’s bus crime scene photos are not included in this blog as these are not for people with weak hearts!